Smart Radiator Control from SALUS

Smart Radiator Control is the latest innovation from Salus that allows you to precisely control your radiator room heating to the exact temperature and from anywhere.

How is it Different?

Traditional Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) have been used for many years to control temperature on radiators. They work on the principal of a wax element which expands and contracts with heat to push open or close the radiator valve. Although effective, they are also inaccurate as the temperature effect occurs right next to the radiator itself and has little bearing on the ambient temperature of the room. As such, traditional TRVs generally have settings numbered 0-5 instead of actual temperature ranges. To change these settings the homeowner must be in the room to manually adjust the unit. Unsurprisingly this means that TRVs often just stay on one setting despite the required temperature or room usage.

Smart Radiator Control replaces the traditional wax element with a smart electrical device to open and close the radiator valve. A thermostat with exact temperature settings in °C/F wirelessly controls the operation and is remote from the radiator so monitors the actual ambient room temperature to ensure heating accuracy. A single smart thermostat can even control several radiators in the same room or zone to maintain the desired room temperature and increase energy efficiency. 

What are the advantages?

In addition to more accurate room heating, as the operation is electronic and not manual, the Smart Radiator Control adds a myriad of operational advantages compared to traditional TRVs. Individual or grouped radiators can now be programmed to turn on and off, on timed schedules, when rooms are not being used, or when the temperature is at a certain level even independently of the main heating system schedule. 

Putting the Smart Radiator Control online through the Salus Smart Home Gateway allows the homeowner to control even individual radiators from anywhere using a Smartphone, Tablet or PC via a simple app. Simply change settings to avoid heating a home unnecessarily whilst away but still ensure that everything is comfortable before returning. Groups or individual radiators can also be turned off or adjusted simply and quickly without having to visit each radiator to manually alter a TRV.

Adding other Salus Smart Home devices to a system allows even more options and flexibility to Smart Radiator Control. These can be tailored exactly to the homeowners needs.


  • Turning off the radiators in a room where the window has been left open for 5 minutes
  • Pressing a single button to remotely turn off all the radiators upstairs 
  • Turning off all radiators except one when the homeowner is unexpectedly out 

How do you Switch?

Updating from traditional manual TRVs to Smart Radiator Control, is in most cases, as simple as unscrewing the old control head and replacing with the Smart unit making the system perfect for retrofit as well as new installs.

Smart Radiator Controls are battery operated and the interface to the Thermostat and to a Smart Home Gateway is wireless meaning that no additional wiring runs are required.
Installing the Smart Radiator Control is a simple process through the Salus Smart Home app which allows the user to quickly setup, configure and program the system. 
For users with a reasonable level of DIY skills the whole process is a straightforward operation that can be undertaken themselves. For those less confident a qualified installer can complete the upgrade in just a few minutes. 

Starter Pack 

VS20 Thermostat and RX10RF Boiler Receiver, Single Smart Radiator Control (TRV) and Connection Gateway.

Simply manage your heating boiler over the internet for increased convenience, comfort and control.

Full Heating Control

Starter Pack Plus Smart Radiator Control (TRVs).

Add complete Smart Radiator Control to your system for complete control of your heating. Reduce energy costs by only heating the rooms you are using and to the exact temperature you require. Control radiators from anywhere from your smartphone, tablet or PC via the simple app.

Smart Home Options

Additional devices to add Smart Home features to your system.

Add full smart features to your system by including further Salus Smart Home devices. Control your lighting and other appliances online with Smart Plugs and add intelligent rules and scenarios with door/window sensors and smart buttons.